Girls night

2 Jan

Having a sleepover with my two best friends tonight! We are gonna watch the amazing spiderman and eat a lot of stuff!

My christmas

26 Dec

It was chistmas two days ago, soooo, Merry christmas guys! I got a lot of stuff, a book about Lady Gaga and an ukulele to mention two things. My cousins and my grand parents were celebrating with us but they left today. I’m really enjoying my two weeks of winter vacation, for once I can sleep as much as I want! I hope all of you guys had a great christmas too!

Youtube cover

21 Dec

Soooo guys… Tomorrow I’m (hopefully) gonna post a cover on youtube. I have no ide what song yet… My youtube channel is: totalawesomenesshere
It’s both mine and my friends channel.



20 Dec

Life’s not a fuckin’ rainbow, deal with it


19 Dec

Made it thru another day! Only 3 snd a half hours in school tomorrow, then, I’M ON WINTER VACATION! Gonna sing in school tomorrow, not fun at all! I kind of suck… Right now I’m skyping with Jessica and Sofia! 


18 Dec

At school right now, kind of boring! We have this science project we have to finish today and I’m freaked out! But the good news is… ONLY TWO MORE DAYS UNTIL WINTER VACATION! After school, me and some friends are going to the mall to buy christmas gifts!!

On the train

15 Dec

On the train to gothenburg! Me, my sister and my aunt are going to go to liseberg today, gonna be so fun! Now, I’m eating chocolate and listening to music!


14 Dec

Not the best day ever today, an idiot hut my back in school, so now, I can barely walk. Other than that I’ve had I great day. Went in to the city with some friends, had so much fun! Now, I at home watching AFV!



14 Dec


Yeah… I’m pretty ugly


Monday afternoon

10 Dec

Monday afternoon

Christmas soon!


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